Firstly you arrive at Hamburg Airport. After you collect your baggage secondly there is the questions which is the easiest, quickest and cheapes way of getting to us or even in the city or to your hotel. During rush hours I would recommend to take the S1 rapid transit railway.

Therefore the S1 station is directly underneath the terminals and brings air travelers both ways every 10 minutes from 6 am till 11 pm on Monday – Friday and from 8 am till 11 pm on Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays.

Different from other cities you might know, we have no surcharge for the train connection to or from Hamburg Airport. The trip to our showroom at Motorradvermietung Hamburg takes 57 minutes and costs 3,30 € You can reach the platform by stairs, escalator, and elevator.

Just look out for the green “S”-sign

When you arrived at Hamburg Airport, just look out for the green “S”-sign. It will guides you to the train track and the ticket vending machines.
In case you wondered: the machines do change money and also accept bank notes and credit cards. There is no need to have the right amount of coins with you. Compared to other cities, you do also not need to stamp your ticket somewhere, just take it with you and be able to show it if there happens to be a ticket check.

Once you reach the platform, you don’t need to worry that you could choose the wrong direction. Hamburg Airport is a terminal station so that all departing trains will take you in the right direction – just take the S1.

which station should I get off?
you need to get off at „Sülldorf (S1)“.

When you got off the train our store is just 350m down the road – see picture below (adress of our store is: „Sülldorfer Landstraße 230“).

You will find the our store behind the restaurant „Tibet“.

When your KTM or BMW motorcycle rental at Motorradvermietung Hamburg comes to an end and you want to travel from us or from the city center somewhere back to Hamburg Airport, you need to board one of the first three cars of the S1. Because the S1 trains split up at Ohlsdorf. The front section of the train runs to the airport, the last three cars go to Poppenbüttel. Signs at the train stations are indicating this split and you will also hear an announcement in English once you arrive in Ohlsdorf to remind you to switch cars if necessary. The layout of Hamburg Airport is simple: Depending on your airline, you will need to check in at either Terminal 1 or 2. Both are connected by the Airport Plaza, which is the common security controls area:

In case you arrive hungry, I always prefer to buy a sandwich before the security controls because they are way cheaper and better there. If you leave the S1 train and walk in the direction of Terminal 2, you will directly arrive at the Edeka supermarket, which has a good bakery at the entrance. If you need to go to Terminal 1 instead, you will also come across a nice bakery / coffee shop named Scoom close to the escalators to the Check-in counters that offers fair trade and organic products wherever possible.

Keep in mind that you cannot bring any liquids with you through the following security controls.